Pathology is a specialised medical service. The quality of our service depends on information, including what we collect from patients and doctors. The information below explains what you should expect from Southern IML Pathology under the National Privacy Principles .


  • We need your consent to collect information about you
  • We need information from you to be able to provide you and your doctors with  reliable results and advice
  • We will be fair and reasonable in the way we collect information
  • Most of the required information is recorded when the pathology request is written out by your doctor.  Your doctor will generally explain why he or she is recording the information and where it is going
  • When you visit a pathology collection centre and more information is sought, you will be asked if it is OK to collect that information
  • As a pathology practice, our record system is inspected as part of laboratory accreditation and must be reliable and secure
  • The best way to get your results is in consultation with your doctor so they can be explained in the context of your health care
  • You may, however, request direct access to information we hold about you. However we will need to confirm your identity (with photo ID), before releasing this information
  • You have the right to discuss any concerns you may have about how we handle your information.

     You can contact the Southern IML Pathology Privacy Officer on (02)4224 7421, or email 
  • For more information about Southern IML Pathology's privacy policy and the pathology information life cycle please view our Patient Privacy Brochure

    Further information can be obtained from the Federal Privacy Commissioner: Hotline on 1300 363 992