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HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection


Participants who successfully complete this program will be awarded a national qualification in HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection.

This nationally accredited program covers the underpinning theory, practice and legislative elements required by persons working in the area of pathology specimen collection.  Practical and industry focused, this program explores the role of the pathology collector and the knowledge and skills required.  It also examines the critical areas of workplace safety and care.  Successful completion of this program and the relevant formal assessment entitles the particpant to a HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection, a nationally recognised qualification.


There is no need for past experience in the medical field to enter this course.  Successful applicants will need to demonstrate at the inerview stage, effective communication skills, appropriate English language skills (written and spoken), as well as be able to communicate to the interviewer their motivation for learning.  They will be asked to complete a basic literacy and numeracy test to assess suitability.

Some modules are not available under flexible delivery due to the extensive practical skill requirements of the specialised pathology units.  To complete the certificate students must attend the practical workshop and a 35 hour work-placement organised by Southern.IML Pathology in one of the collection centres.

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