Specimen Reception Officer

Apply before: 16 / 11 / 2018
Position Type: Casual
Location: Wollongong
Refcode: S436

Southern.IML Pathology has vacancies for part time Pathology Aides to work in our Wollongong Laboratory.  The main duties include specimen handling, data entry and telephone results calls in our Specimen Reception Area. Commitment to high quality work and customer service is essential.

The successful applicant must be highly motivated, keen to learn, able to work quickly and accurately in a busy team environment and have keyboard skills of at least 50wpm.  A pleasant phone manner, good communication skills and excellent attention to detail are also essential.  Whilst no formal qualifications in pathology are required for this position, medical and/or pathology terminology would be beneficial.

This is a casual position rostred between 7.30am-10.00pm Monday to Friday, with participation in the weekend roster. Applicants will need to be flexible in their availability to suit the department needs.

What is a Pathology Aide?

Medical Laboratory assistants prepare samples of body tissue and fluids taken from patients for analysis.  Their work helps pathologists and biomedical scientists to diagnose and treat patients.

The role is practical and varied, and can include:

  • receiving and checking samples
  • labelling and sorting samples
  • separating blood serum and plasma
  • loading and operating machines (eg centrifuges, automated aliquoting and sorting instruments)
  • maintaining stocks of consumable items
  • disposing of chemical or biological waste
  • inputting patients' data into computer systems
  • answering telephone enquiries
  • keeping and filing records
  • load samples onto analysers
  • Ensure the department, including machinery and benches are kept clean
  • cleanliness standards are adhered to


Specimen Reception

The Specimen Reception Department sorts patients specimens by priority and specimen type, registers specimens on the computer system, checks for suitable specimen types, troubleshoots, aliquots, archives and distributes specimens to technical departments. This role also includes working in the data entry area where information in entered into our patient database.


Specimen Reception Laboratory Aide's duties, in addition to the duties described are:

  • Receive specimens from collection facilities, doctor's surgery, hospitals or other laboratories as required.
  • Record receipt of specimens.
  • Sort specimens according to set protocol.
  • Ensure specimens are accurately and efficiently identified, labelled, entered into the laboratory information system.
  • Accept or troubleshoot incoming specimens strictly according to set protocol.
  • Notify appropriate staff of any incomplete or unsuitable episodes and of any need for recollection of a specimen.
  • Ensure that the specimens are prepared, stored and distributed according to protocol.


What skills and personal qualities do I need to be a Laboratory Aide?

Laboratory Aides must be:

  • accurate and responsible, as patiens' lives can depend on their work
  • good at working under pressure
  • able to work well as part of a team
  • interested in science and like laboratory work

Completion of a relevant science qualification is highly desirable.


What does the job of Laboratory Aide offer me?

Laboratory Aides enjoys a rewarding job offering

  • comprehensive on the job training
  • supportive team envioronment
  • professional and personal support by being a member of the Illawarra's premier Pathology practice
  • high degree of personal responsibility


How do I know that I'd like to be a Laboratory Aide?

If you answer 'yes' to these questions you will have the potential to be a successful Laboratory Aide.


 Attention to Detail

Laboratory Aides work with pathology specimens or make 'culture media'.

Pathology specimens are an integral part of the diagnosis process and are literally part of our patient.  Each specimen must receive the same level of care that is given to the host patient.

This work requires a high attention to datil and a degree of empathy for the patient, whom you will, in all probability, never see.

This work is highly responsible and requires a high level of accuracy.  Have I got the skills, empathy and attention to detail required to do this work?












 Liking of Science

Laboratory Aides need to work to strict protocols and procedures.  This is important in order to

  • protect patient health, maintain their security and treat them with respect
  • ensure that specimens are not tainted or spoiled
  • protect the Aide's personal safety

This work is often required to be done quickly in order that the patient's doctor can make timely diagnosis and may specimens must be done at once.  It is also science at one of its pure applications.

Do I like a job which provides guidance and direction yet allows me the responsibility to perform at my best?  Do I like science and do I want to work in a scientific environment?














Working with People

Interpersonal skills, sometimes in a high workload environment, are important.  Working as a team is as important as taking responsibility for your actions.  Getting accurate and timely results to doctors is a team effort and working well as an individual within the team is essential.

Do I like working with people and have I got the demonstrated skills to work cooperatively in a high volume environment?








Professional Behaviour

Maintaining good working relations with our doctors and our medical , scientific and support staff is important to provide good quality care and to ensure a successful practice.

Can I deal with our referring doctors and our medical, scientific and support staff in a courteous and professional manner?






Physical Aspects

While the duties of a Laboratory Aide do not generally require heavy lifting, there may be a requirement to load specimens into machines, empty machines, handle rack and trays and generally lift loads up to 14kgs.  Additionally, working in the laboratory requires bending, reaching and twisting.  It is not unusual for Laboratory Aides to be on their feet for extended periods.

It is essential, therefore, that Laboratory Aides have the physical fitness to do these physical and often repetitive tasks.

As a responsible employer, Southern Pathology has a duty of care to our staff not to exacerbate existing injuries or to cause new ones.  It is essential that all Laboratory Aides have the necessary physical attributes and standard of health to do the job.

Applicants will be asked to sign a statement about their physical and medical status prior to employment.  They may also be required to undertake an occupational physical and/or medical examination before an offer of employment can be made.

Am I physically capable of carrying out the physical aspects of a Laboratory Aide's work?



















Where will I be working?

The successful applicant will be required to work at the Wollonogng Laboratory located at 45 Denison Street Wollongong.


What Training Will I Receive? 

New medical laboratory assistants are trained by experienced senior colleagues.  Their training covers:

  • a comprehensive orientation course
  • health and safety
  • routine laboratory procedures and emergency procedures
  • maintaining and using laboratory equipment
  • working with hazardous materials
  • preparing and working with specimens
  • disposing of waste materials safely.

Medical laboratory assistants sometimes work towards certificates of competence for the safe performance of various duties.

Our Values

We take our values seriously. They underlie all our relationships at work and define the behaviour of all employees. All employees are expected to live these values at work.

Our motto:"Quality is in our DNA"

Our Values

Commit to Service Excellence

Willingly to serve with whom we deal with unsurpassed excellence.

Treat each other with Respect & Honesty

To grow a workplace where trust, team spirit and equity are an integral part of everything we do

Demonstrate responsibility & Accountability

To set an example, to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability and to seek help when needed.

Be Enthusiastic about Continuous Improvement

Never be complacent, to recognise limitations an d opportunities for ourselves and processes and to learn through these.

Maintain Confidentiality

With regard to patient records and all information pertaining to patient as well  as other professional and commercial issues.


Assessment of applications

Applications will be assessed on the applicants' match to the job criteria and the information requested in the 'How do I apply?' section of this information.

Applicants may expect an initial telephone interview with progression to a formal interview.

How do I apply?

Complete the application section of this page.

  1. Paste your letter into the "letter box".  Your letter will tell us
  • which position you have applied for
  • how you meet the qualifications and experience requirements of the job, and
  • why you think  you would like to be a Pathology Aide Specimen Reception Officer with Southern Pathology
  • attach your resume in the "Attachments" box.  The system will only allow you to upload one document. 

It should contain the following information:

  • your full name
  • your address
  • your contact telephone number
  • your highest formal education level
  • relevantqualifications in the medical/science/health fields (these are desirable but not essential)
  • employment history - your employment record for the past 3 years including 
  • employers' name
  • your job title
  • brief description of your duties
  • the reason why you left
  • the names of two work related referees and their contact details
  • if you have been an employee of a Sonic Healthcare practice, where and when you were employed.

What Happens Next?

  1. Your application will be assessed to see if you have successfully met all the selection criteria.
  2. If yor application indicates that you have met the selection criteria, you will be contacted by phone to answer a few preliminary questions.
  3. If you have initially been successful in meeting our standards, you will be invited to attend an interview.
  4. You will be asked to complete the Fitness for Work Declaration before being interviewed.
  5. Following the interview your referees will be contacted.
  6. Subject to your health assessment, interview and reference checks, you will be offered a position of Pathology Aide Specimen Reception Officer.


Fitness for Work Declaration

This declaration will be given to applicants to complete before their interview.

This form is for your information only and should NOT be filled in at this stage.

Fitness for Work Declaration 

An illness, injury or disability is NOT a barrier to the consideration of an application for employment. This information is necessary to enable Southern.IML Pathology to provide you with a safe system of work in the event that you are offered employment, and to enable the provision of appropriate assistance. The disclosure of any such information will not be used to discriminate against you because of the existence of any such disability or medical condition.


Please answer each question by circling Yes or No. If you circle yes, please provide details.

Are you currently being treated for any illness, injury or disability (physical or psychological) that may affect your ability to safely perform your job? NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Are you currently taking any medicines, tablets or other treatments that may affect your ability to safely perform your job? NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Have you had any reaction to using bleach, soaps or hand washing lotions? NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Have you had any reaction to wearing personal protective equipment (gloves, glasses): NO / YES (If YES, give details)


Has your health been affected by any of the following tasks?

Reaching above shoulder height or lifting items of < 14 kgs: NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Kneeling and / or bending regularly: NO / YES (If YES, give details
Typing, data entry and use of visual display unit (computer screen) for up to 2 hours per day: NO / YES (If YES, give details)

During the course of previous employment have you made any Worker's Compensation claims?

If yes, has the claim been finalised? If not finalised, give details:

Have you ever received any payment, involving your resignation from employment, in redemption of a liability under a Worker's Compensation Act? If yes, please provide details of the date of resignation and name of employing authority in which resignation took effect: NO / YES


I certify that the above information is to the best of my knowledge true and correct and that I have no condition or injury that would preclude me from undertaking the full range of duties and tasks as indicated in the Laboratory Aide Information Pack. I understand that a false declaration may result in my contract of employment with Southern.IML Pathology being terminated without notice.
Applicant's Signature


Applicants must have the appropriate documentation that allows them to work in Australia.

Enquiries to, Leanne Robinson on 4224 7309.

If you are having difficulties applying through the website, you may email your application directly to marg.pierro@southernpath.com.au

Job Details

Position Name: Specimen Reception Officer
Position Type: Casual
Refcode: S436

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